Fundamental Transformation Of The USA

People look at Obama as president and consider his actions regarding the economy, healthcare, immigration, military engagement, environmental issues, and more. His detractors say he is ineffective in implementing corrective measures. His supporters say just give him more time.
People are overlooking the most relevant fact. They are missing the single most meaningful fact.
In his own words, before being elected, he promised to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”. His associates, including Bill Ayers & his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, have been committed for decades to, in her own words in 2007, “…dismantle capitalism, that evil thing”.
Obama is doing everything that he can to accomplish his transformation objective. Obama is succeeding.
This is change you had better believe in because it is happening.

What will your America be like?

People voted for hope and change. After nearly two years of empowering the hope-and-change president, how is the USA being transformed?
Think beyond the immediate arguing, shouting, and cocksure opinions. Consider health care, taxation, immigration, military engagements, and environmental issues.
If the forces of the left, the radicals, and this president accomplish what they are attempting to accomplish, what sort of nation will the USA be?
Will you be free to speak, to work, to live the lifestyle you choose? Will the American Dream of self-made prosperity be possible?
Or will the USA be as poverty stricken, tightly controlled, and lacking in opportunity as every other socialized nation?

America’s Coal Car

This is the Chevy Volt, GM’s electric car.

chevy-voltThis is the car that the US government has promoted and used taxpayer money to produce.
Its base list price, MSRP, is $40,280.
The Chevy Volt runs on electricity. It must be plugged in to an electric outlet and charged for several hours before it can be driven. It will then travel about 35 miles before switching to its 4-cylinder gasoline engine.
Where does the electricity that charges the car’s battery come from?
Approximately 56% of all electricity used in America is coal-generated.
Therefore, the Chevy Volt runs on coal that has been converted to electricity that charges the battery in this 3,800 pound vehicle… for the first 35 miles anyway.
And… Americans joke about the Yugo…?

Beethoven Is Dead

Heifetz is no longer playing his violin.
Hayek is no longer theorizing and teaching economics.
The space shuttle is no longer a symbol of contemporary America’s desire to explore and learn, thereby providing hope for productive change and improvement of life styles while enjoying the music of the master composers, artists, and thinkers.
Instead, the American people have succumbed to a moron who promises hope and change. The American people failed to realize that they voted themselves lives of living not their hopeful and oft improving lives, but rather Obama’s hope and change. His hope and change is implemented using the thoroughly tested and failed schemes known as socialism and communism. Obama’s hope and change is dictated by that empty headed nothing organism, the pathological narcissist, Obama.
American people, what was so very, very, very wrong with America that you fell for a socialist who wants to take from you your liberty, your wealth, and your innate ability to pursue and achieve your dreams?
Beethoven is dead and he will not be replaced in today’s America — nor in today’s Germany.

The End Is In Sight

Apparent For Over Thirty Years

There will come a day when even the United States of America has no more to give.

Or, identified more correctly, the day will arrive when the United States of America has no more that those vastly overly-empowered, unworthy, self-entitled takers can take no more. There will come a time when there is no more remaining to take, steal, or demand.

Now we know the exact date. You may denounce, shout, and wave your arms in frenzied disdain at living and dead white European males. Oh ya, as you shout, “That is my right”.

But pause to ask yourself: Who designed, built, and continuously improves Western Civilization and its amenities? And when others demand and take or are ceded control, what happens? Look around the world for another civilization where you can be as safe, prosperous, and entitled to be yourself.

Enjoy your effeminate, nihilistic, weakened America, dear sweeties.



No… socialism wasn’t invented so the government could take earned stuff from those who earned it and give it to those who have not earned it.

To accept redistributed stuff from a government that took earned stuff from the people who earned it, is to accept stolen goods.

Let’s think about where socialism has created a happy, prosperous, free group of people. Any where? Any time in history? Any pocket of civilized people anywhere?

Why did over 100 million people die during the 20th century attempting to resist socialism and its advanced stage brother, communism?