The End Is In Sight

Apparent For Over Thirty Years

There will come a day when even the United States of America has no more to give.

Or, identified more correctly, the day will arrive when the United States of America has no more that those vastly overly-empowered, unworthy, self-entitled takers can take no more. There will come a time when there is no more remaining to take, steal, or demand.

Now we know the exact date. You may denounce, shout, and wave your arms in frenzied disdain at living and dead white European males. Oh ya, as you shout, “That is my right”.

But pause to ask yourself: Who designed, built, and continuously improves Western Civilization and its amenities? And when others demand and take or are ceded control, what happens? Look around the world for another civilization where you can be as safe, prosperous, and entitled to be yourself.

Enjoy your effeminate, nihilistic, weakened America, dear sweeties.

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